Greg Secker: An All-Rounded Person in the Finance World

Greg Secker: An All-Rounded Person in the Finance World

Greg Secker had a one on one interview with Lynn Fosse of CEOCFO Magazine where he revealed information on his career success. Greg describes himself as an opportunist and doesn’t believe in impossibilities. He sees every situation worth creating a fortune from it with the right state of mind that is positive. Ironically, Greg Secker studied agriculture and food sciences but ended up in the field of finance. He explains while he was in school, he would build and sell computers which later gave him the knowledge of coding programs. This got him a job at the Thomas Cook Financial Services Stand and continued to rise in his profession.

He was in his daily task working when he thought of engaging foreign exchange trading. He took the risk to act on his idea where he took a loan which within an year it had yielded to 12 times of what he had borrowed. Greg advises that success requires one to have principles, taking risks, sticking to the plan, and self-discipline. Also, he reveals that one’s plan must be strategy driven. Once Greg was satisfied with his achievements, he retired but staying at home wouldn’t be any interesting and so with inspiration from other philanthropists, he came out and started helping other people. He emphasizes his efforts in showing young people on how to build a strong foundation for their future.

On acquiring his entitlement in the Board of Ambassadors for city philanthropy, Greg expands his ability to offer help to people. He believes in empowering people and handing them their right to make their desirable choices. Greg wishes to extend his help to the Filipinos as he sees potential in them, but they haven’t explored it themselves. His mission is making dreams come true globally.

Greg Secker’s Professional Life

Greg Secker has various seminars running in aid of the young generation and enlightens them on how to set their priorities straight. He is the author of various books and has founded different companies. He attended some of these seminars himself back then, and the information he gathered was what he used in making himself legendary.

Secker is an influential figure, and with owning successful trade organizations in Europe, he has won himself awards multiple times and continues to strain his efforts on recruiting young entrepreneurs.


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