Greg Secker Engages In Philanthropic Activities And Forex Trading

Greg Secker Engages In Philanthropic Activities And Forex Trading

Greg Secker believes in the philosophy of “Why Not.” When faced with a challenging situation, he does not ask “why.” He asks “Why not?” This approach has enabled him to tackle any issue even those that other people believe are beyond his ability. The “Why Not” philosophy has seen him develop the world’s first ever-online real time forex trading platform. When asked why any person would want to use the platform to make money anytime and anywhere, he replied “Why not.”

Although Greg pursued agriculture and food sciences in school, he has been able to enter the financial industry and succeed in it. This transition was not sudden. He entered the industry gradually. While pursuing his degree, Greg began selling and building computers for a living. This way, he got the opportunity to interact with several programmers who taught him how to code. Eventually, he became successful at it. He managed to build a 3D interactive fluid dynamics model of a follicle. His IT expertise earned him a chance to join Thomas Cook Financials Services’ IT department. At the firm, he developed interest in trading. He soon noticed that people could use an online platform to enhance forex trading. To this end, he developed and launched the Virtual Trading Desk (VTD), world fast online trading platform.

After mastering forex, Greg decided to invest in the same. He borrowed £5,000 and used the money to conduct his fast trading. Within just one year, he grew the money to about £60,000. This success gave him the confidence to invest more money in the businesses. Unlike most people, Greg uses a risk-managed approach to trading. Today, the trader trains forex enthusiasts from around the globe on how to make money from the system. His expertise has helped thousands of people to have a successful career in the field.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a London-based forex expert, shrewd entrepreneur and executive leader. The trader is the owner of Capital Index, SmartCharts Software and Learn to Trade. Learn to Trade provides training to forex enthusiasts and guides them through establishing a thriving career in the field.

The transformative leader has delivered his speeches to several seminars across the globe to thousands of audience. Greg Secker believes in sharing his expertise with any interested person. Just like he built his career from learning from experts in IT and forex field, Greg believes that he can transform the lives of millions of youths worldwide.


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