Greg Secker – The Philanthropic Trading Guru

Greg Secker – The Philanthropic Trading Guru

Ideas delve into the life and empire of the renowned English businessman Greg Secker. In 2003, he founded the Knowledge to Action Group that has five companies running successfully under it. The entrepreneur is a passionate philanthropist who is not afraid to delve into uncertain territories. Such is reflected in his companies that operate in a number of countries outside of Europe and the United States of America.

The driving force behind the success and failures of his companies is his passion for improving the life of others through education, coaching, strategy and support. Mr. Secker recently launched SmartCharts, Capital Index, and FX Capital. This software has made forex trading and brokering for traders more simplified and even won awards internationally. He also actively participates in motivational speaking alongside other international speakers to mentor young minds about the trading ups and downs.

The multi-millionaire philanthropist managed success in his early twenties. He began working in the Thomas Cook Financial services then moved over to foreign exchange to run new businesses. He worked in different international trading floors and was fortunate to be working with the very best traders in the world. Greg’s personal trading account, Learn to Trade, grew from all the experience gained from all these platforms and interestingly was set up from his home in three months. He now proudly owns and runs Europe’s top trader coaching company that is set on helping common people achieve financial freedom and become entrepreneurs.

Greg Secker constantly holds informative seminars encouraging people to enroll in courses in trade. He offers sound knowledge and advice of the trading patterns, risk assessment the patterns of investments and generally money management. These seminars have been attended across the globe by over two hundred thousand people.

The success achieved early in his life drove him to give back to society. He has supported various charity foundations and even teamed up with the Royal Family in a number of charitable Trusts. In 2011, the Greg Secker Foundation was formed and its focus was to improve people’s lives across the globe. Despite his busy vast empire, he still prefers to work from home and spend time with his family.


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