Hall Capital’s Chief Compliance Officer is Making Big Splashes for Women in the Workplace

Hall Capital’s Chief Compliance Officer is Making Big Splashes for Women in the Workplace

Helane Morrison Joins Hall Capital as Managing Director, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer

Hall Capital is a growing investment management firm with accountability as its standard, and that standard is bringing in large clients. Hall Capital has three women at the top: 

• Kathryn Hall, Co-Chief Investment Officer,
• Sarah Stein, President
Helane Morrison, Managing Director and General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, bringing her momentum for equality along.

The diversity advocacy is responsible for dominance of women in the top jobs. Morrison, long admired as an advocate and activist for gender equality, joined the firm 5 years ago following a legal career at San Fransisco’s SEC offices. She also has work experience as a legal aid to multiple prominent lawyers, including a Supreme Court Justice and for a time worked as a daily newspaper reporter in Florida. The modern day suffragette says the firm’s success is all about affirmative accountability. When women observe the Hall firm’s chief officers and other roles are women, naturally the observant woman desires to join Hall Capital.

Gender Ratios Unbalanced in Most Firms

President Stein confirmed female leadership is rare in financial services, and this imbalance is unnaturally supported in the world despite the world population is 50% men, 50% women. It was the same in education but in the workplace, most firms are dominated by male officers.

Most of the Hall Capital personnel and officers’ duties require collaboration and interaction. This is reflected in the offices being all open office plan.

The firm has a constant recruiting effort for diversity, but they don’t have particular pigeon holes to fill. Instead, they recruit for women with culture, incentive and reinforcement behavior for the values of the firm. Morrison and her female executive counterparts prove that they can uphold a culture of compliance and tackle any issues they face with the same direct approach in a manner reflecting integrity that any man may exhibit, and in some cases be even more effective.

Benefit Packages Equal

Predictably, Hall Capital’s benefit package includes maternity and paternity leave and workplace flexibility to foster personal commitments to be met during the employee’s time in the office. Unpredictably, the firm encourages employees to also be active in outside activities in addition. Read more about Hall Capital’s benefits and what the women at the top, like Morrison, are doing to create a better work environment for everyone: http://www.bizjournals.com/sanfrancisco/print-edition/2013/05/03/hall-capitals-leaders-foster-culture.html

Helane Morrison sees need for their firm because large family capital and foundations with endowments are outsourcing the Chief Investment Officer role because investor groups want greater accountability for investment decisions than the family members and volunteer board members can even approach.

The Only Way On is Up

Helane and her co-officers expect their firm to grow in size and authority as they continue accountability basis and promise. There is no doubt that if this were 1920, Morrison would be enlisting the other two officers as suffragettes, flag waving, banners and all.


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