Handy Continues To Raise Funds As It Defines The Home Service Marketplace

Handy Continues To Raise Funds As It Defines The Home Service Marketplace

Handy may be only three years old, but already the on demand house cleaning and handyman platform is dominating the industry online. Handy links approved service providers to the home owners that need their services, and business is booming. In fact, this week Handy announced that they have raised another $50 million which takes their company evaluation up towards $500 million.

Oisin Hanrahan has a lot of plans for his company as it continues to grow and believes that one of the main reasons for Handy’s success is its base in New York City where it is headquartered. Hanrahan is originally from Ireland where his first business startup was a platform that offered political content. Therefore, it seems like a big jump to on demand home services, but it came natural to Hanrahan to make the switch as he says he saw the need for the company.

When he moved to Boston to complete his MBA he noticed that there was no easy way to find someone to complete home services. Along with a partner, he started working on Handy and dropped out of school. They then moved to New York because they felt it offered them the largest market.

While there are other companies that seem to operate in the same space, Oisin stated that no company is able to offer the scale and that makes his company easily the largest player in the marketspace. One thing that sets Handy apart is because they screen all of their providers intensely, which has led to a much higher approval rating. All of their successful happy clients has led to great recommendations and customer retention helping to boost the profile of the company.

Oisin remarked that now that they have such a large amount of funding they are lucky and able to focus on their current cities and considering new services to add on.

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