Handy Gets Funding Through Its Great Outlook

Handy Gets Funding Through Its Great Outlook

Home cleaning has been hard to find for those in need of these services, and even when they can be found, they are probably not the best priced for the home owners. The home cleaning game has changed thanks to Handy. Handy is a business that is based on a mobile application and operates in 28 areas around the world. Handy is so good because it is cheaper than other cleaners on average. The average full-service home cleaning job costs around $70 for most homes, which is an absolute steal considering how hard it is to find anyone to clean, let alone at a reasonable price.

Handy was founded in 2012 by two men that went to Harvard College. It has been around for more than three years at this point, and is expected to continue to grow for a long time. Handy only works in twenty-eight areas because employees that work for Handy have to weed through the listings and make sure that only the best cleaners that have received the most positive reviews. This adds to the value of Handy.

Handy earned more than fifty million dollars in funding from a group of investors led by Fidelity. With a current valuation of five hundred million, it looks like there’s no stopping handy any time soon.

There are around 11 million jobs that have been completed ever since the start of Handy, and 1 million bookings. Around 8,000 of the 10,000 employees that work for Handy are dedicated to cleaning homes, while the other people do other types of home improvement that clients can benefit from.


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