Hating it no More

Hating it no More

In recent news , two men imprisoned in Britain for committing a series of hate crimes on gay men are hating no more. The couple is no longer hating gay men . In fact the couple has become just that a couple. The couple Mikahil Gallatinov 40 and Marc Goodwin 31 are both imprison for hate crimes against gay men , but have recently made history as the first same sex inmates to tie the knot in a U.K prison.

The couple met during there time in prison working the same prison job as “Bar Staff”. The couple has been trying to apply for civil union for a few years up in till the passing of laws allowing same sex marriage stated Jason Halpern.

The wedding had both prisoners and prison staff in attendance. It was also made clear that if two prisoners do decide to get married it will not be on the tax payers dime. Leaving only one question to asked , is this a happily ever after?


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