Heartwarming Video Shows Toddler Hearing for First Time

Heartwarming Video Shows Toddler Hearing for First Time

Is there anything more heartwarming than seeing a toddler experience something for the first time? That’s because toddlers, to begin with, are so pure. They have nothing but love in their hearts and they deserve all the happiness in the world. Sometimes, they don’t know what they’re missing because it’s something they’ve never had. That’s why videos that show toddlers hearing something for the first time or seeing something for the first time are so great. Typically those videos end with happy tears and lots of giggling. The latest video did not disappoint.

According to Reddit, a small boy was caught on cell phone video for hearing music for the very first time. Owen Montoya was born deaf but thanks to a surgical procedure in Arizona, he can hear again. The toddler had a cochlear implant transplanted in his ear and the first time he heard music on his mom’s phone, his face lit up. You can see him flashing his family a huge smile and bopping his head to the music. Owen’s mom posted the video onto SnapChat with the caption, “He loves music!” Cochlear Implants are typically very successful in children but not all children are eligible for them. Luckily Owen was and we were able to catch a glimpse into his post-hearing journey.

It’s a simple video, only 37 seconds long, but it’s enough to bring anyone to tears. These videos show us how we take things for granted that we shouldn’t. Seeing this little dude rock out to music with a big smile shows that sometimes we take the gifts we have for granted. This wasn’t the first toddler who went viral experiencing something for the first time. Recently, a small girl was fitted for new glasses in which she was able to see her mom’s smiling face for the first time. The result was her giggling uncontrollably.


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