Helping A Young Girl Walk Normal Again

Helping A Young Girl Walk Normal Again

Saya is a four-year-old girl who lives in a little town in Australia. Like most children her age, Saya loves watching television, playing games, and eating ice cream. What makes Saya different from all other children her age is the fact that she has cerebral palsy. She has suffered from this since the day she was born, and she often feels depressed about it.

Saya has a lot of hope for battling her sickness, but this dream comes with a price. In order to get Saya to the United States and get her the treatment she needs, it’s going to cost approximately $50,000. Saya’s family has already raised over $38,000, and they hope to raise the rest of the money in the very near future.

A local Australia newspaper covered Saya’s story. They wanted Australia to help this little girl. A car detailing company, Smart Paintworx, was touched by Say’s story. They were specifically touched when Saya requested that her green walker be painted pink. Smart Paintworx put all their projects on hold, and they immediately came to Saya’s aid and painted her walker pink. When Saya saw her new walker, she became pink herself. She could not believe it. Saya thanked everyone from Smart Paintworx, and she took a hundred pictures with her new walker.

In addition to helping Saya turn her walker pink, Smart Paintworx is also donating a large sum of money to Saya and her family to help them get Saya to the United States. Additionally, Smart Paintworx has started a funding page on a social media website to allow people from all over the world to help Saya achieve her goal of walking normal again. Saya stated that she cannot believe all the support she is receiving.


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