Helping The Homeless On A Holiday

Helping The Homeless On A Holiday

One of the perks of working for a credit union is having off on holidays. Banks and credit unions aren’t open on days such as Columbus day which just passed. Most employees then spend this time relaxing. They look forward to having an added free day and take advantage of that by spending time with family, catching up on household chores, or lounging around their homes. One group of employees at St. Helen’s Credit Union spent their holiday a bit differently from the norm.


The credit union was approached by the Community Action Team which helps the homeless population in Columbia County. According to Uplifting News on Reddit, the employees of the credit union sprang into action. They assembled kits to help the homeless. The outreach coordinator for the Community Action Team told the credit union which items homeless people typically need. The employees then got to work right away and filled bags with toiletries and other items to make someone’s life easier who is homeless. All together they made about 300 kits. Those kits will then be distributed by the Community Action Team to homeless people that come in seeking help.


Overall, this was something that employees didn’t have to agree too. It’s heartwarming to see that they chose to take their day off and spend it helping others. This was the first time that the credit union had helped the homeless outreach program on this level. It was such a success, however, that they are thinking of making it an annual event. If that’s the case, it’s truly inspiring to see how people can come together to help a portion of the population that they never met. No one should have to feel hungry, dirty, and hopeless. These kits that were quickly assembled will help against that. It took only a small portion of the workers time but overall they are making big differences in the lives of people that they’ve never met.


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