Highland Capital Management Brings in the Experience of Terry Jones

Highland Capital Management Brings in the Experience of Terry Jones

Highland Capital Management headed by James Dondero has announced the hiring of Terry Jones, as the President of Institutional Products. Acting in this capacity, Jones reports directly to James Dondero. The company together with its affiliates boasts of over $20 billion in assets.

Jones has enjoyed a decorated career for over 25 years in the financial service industry. It is this experience that CEO James Dondero seeks to exploit at Highland Capital Management. Jones will be tasked with leading Highlands’s discussions with strategic institutional allocators to drive solutions-oriented business development and serve in the overall goal of growing Highland Capital Management. Further, Jones will play an integral role in aligning portfolio risk management across the Highland Platform and initiating Highland Capital Management, risk management infrastructure. Risk management extends to identifying, assessing and mitigating risks.

The current global economic trend highly suggests that the global economies are headed for a plunge. However, Highland Capital Management is well placed to deal with this catastrophe that seems to be inevitable. The company has in the past and is currently engaging in investments that are meant to save the company from imminent loss.

The company has vast experience in dealing with global economic plunges. The company has survived the most recent economic crisis and has taken further measures that include hiring Jones who brings in experience and has a proven track record. This is attested by the company’s experience, infrastructure and investing capabilities in below-investment-grade credit, distressed and hedged equities position.

The inclusion of Jones to be part of Highland Capital Management in the capacity of developing customized client solutions is a major improvement within the company’s structure. This is because the customized solutions are meant to address the specific needs of customers without disregard or assumption. This maintains a satisfied client base with the overall effect of boosting the client base.

James Dondero has shown his excitement about the prospects that Jones brings to the company. He indicated that Terry’s experience will place Highland Capital Management at a vantage point. Terry is set to expedite client solutions as well as boost the department of risk assessment.

Terry is not a guest at Highland Capital Management, prior to his appointment; he served as the Lead Director of the Highland Capital Management and Global Head of the Relative Value and Event Driven Sectors of the Hedge Fund Strategies Group of Goldman Sachs.

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