Hired and Then Fired

Hired and Then Fired

Most people come from a checkered past and if not they might come from a less-than-reputable past. Everyone can attest to doing something that they regret when they were younger but most people don’t allow that to hold them back in life. When people make the mature decision to turn their lives around they should be commended instead of ostracized. For one man who was highlighted in a newspaper after turning his life around, his sharing of his experience had a less-than-appealing consequence between him and his employers. A car dealership known as the Lawry Brothers Chrysler Jeep dealership let go of one of their employees just a day after they hired him. Quante Wright honestly answered a questionnaire that he was given asking whether or not he had ever been convicted of a crime. After filling out the questionnaire and admitting to his involvement with organized crime the members of the dealership fired him after learning a more detailed nature of his story. After losing his employment Wright got in contact with Marsha Weissman who is an executive director for the Center for Community Alternatives. Unfortunately, this story isn’t very new to her or her colleagues. There are numerous stigmas around convicted felons who are trying to turn their lives around. It seems as though every time they get a second chance, something ruins it and lands these ex-cons right back at point A. TheVueNJ and The Aspire New Brunswick are glad that Weissman hopes to do whatever she can to get Wright a stable form of employment.


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