History Achievements And Government Contribution Of IAP Worldwide Services

History Achievements And Government Contribution Of IAP Worldwide Services

Founded in 1953, IAP Worldwide Services is a company that offers logistic support and technical services to government entities, private firms and companies. It has built a reputation over the years and it ranks as one of the most reliable providers of aviation support across the country. IAP has been experiencing growth since the past three decades and this is because of their great performance in handling the problems that are presented by clients.

Working with the Army in Austere environments
One of the achievements they have long held is serving the U.S. Army for more than 30 years and the contract continues due to the great services the company offers. The contract of IAP Worldwide Services entails offering logistics supplies and aviation support services to the Army troops based overseas in austere environments like Iraq and they have managed to offer high quality services that have helped the troops to perform their duties more efficiently.

IAP Worldwide Services has built a good relationship with the government and they are the most preferred choice for working with the troops to offer them support and the guidance they need to perform their tasks.

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Custom-engineering infrastructure
Additionally, IAP Worldwide Services offers design and development of unique and custom infrastructure that serves the needs of the clients. They have both 2D and 3D modeling and animation that allows them to come up with great designs that are impressive and easy to interpret.

Some of the projects the company works on include visual assignments, regional planning and phasing layout, all which are handled by professionals certified to handle the roles. IAP Worldwide Services has been working with experienced professionals and in some instances the company invites retired experts like professionals who served in the army to help in different roles.

Emergency intervention
In different sectors like health and education, such emergencies like fire breakouts are a hindrance to the normal progress of activities and should be countered. IAP Worldwide Services works with professionals who make it possible to counter any such emergencies by ensuring the team that is sent to intervene is highly equipped to deliver quality results.

Acquisition of businesses
In order to expand the addressable market of the company, IAP Worldwide Services acquired several businesses including DRS Technologies in recent past. DRS Technologies is a company that offers aviation support and the acquisition of the businesses will help to expand the addressable market covered by IAP Worldwide Services.

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