Holocaust Survivors Have Not Forgotten America

Holocaust Survivors Have Not Forgotten America

Bernard Darty is 83 years of age, and he is a Holocaust survivor. He believes he owes the majority of his life to the United States Army. During WWII, United States soldiers rescued Bernard from Germany where he was undergoing severe persecution for being Jewish. Though he was saved many years ago, every year on Veterans Day Bernard Darty wants to do something special for veterans in America. Darty has hosted breakfast programs, helped homeless veterans find shelter, and more, but he always felt like he could do more.

With his business being hugely successful this year, Bernard Darty has donated one-million dollars to veterans in the United States. This money will be disbursed throughout organizations that help veterans on a daily basis. Some of these programs include the American Red Cross and the Wounded Warrior Project. Darty hopes more Holocaust survivors will help American Veterans. Bernard Darty knows he is not the last Holocaust survivor in America, but he also knows only a handful exists. Darty wants to see these survivors publicly assist American veterans. This is due to Darty’s knowledge of how America has been so good to Jewish people.

In a recent interview, Bernard Darty explained that he loves America more and more every time he thinks of the horror he witnessed as a child. Darty can remember Nazi invaders coming into his town and destroying it. His worst memory was watching over 10,000 Jewish people heading to death camps. Darty did not think he was going to make to America, but the United States Army made this possible.

Bernard Darty is currently working on a museum project. He wants to give firsthand information on the Holocaust and how America came to the aid of so many Jewish people.


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