Homeless Hero’s Compassion Rescues Puppy and Inspires Generosity

Homeless Hero’s Compassion Rescues Puppy and Inspires Generosity

A Salt Lake City indigent rescued a deserted puppy and has inspired his community to come to his aid. Although Ron Howell is homeless, he could not bear the thought of the dog being abandoned or destroyed. Howell’s act of mercy has returned to him manifold.

Every day, Howell spends his time picking up garbage and seeking money or work offers on Highway 700 East close to the I-80 West offramp. He often sleeps near or under the overpass.

Recently, a woman drove up to Howell with a chihuahua. She told him that she could no longer care for her pet and had to let it go. Although he had no place of his own, Howell accepted the chihuahua, empathizing with its homelessness.

Not long after, Angel Janes noticed Howell with the dog. She struck up a conversation with him, observing the puppy in Howell’s lap as Howell described how its owner gave it up. Janes felt compelled to take a few pictures of the indigent and his new charge to post on her Facebook page.

The post eventually caught the eye of Lisa Donaldson, who hurried to get the dog. Donaldson turned the little critter over to Chasity Guyer. Howell recalled that when he saw Guyer’s daughter, he felt instinctively that they were just right for the dog. The Guyers named the chihuahua Lucky Louie.

Dallmann launched a fundraising account for Howell. After collecting $500, Dallmann found Howell and presented the money to him. She recorded the interaction and posted the video on Facebook.

Howell wanted to give some of the money to help take care of Lucky Louie. Howell has purchased a phone and intends to get bedding for himself. He hopes to secure employment and shelter soon. Howell’s act of compassion has not only saved Lucky Louie; his deed has spurred compassion throughout Salt Lake City on his behalf. Click here to help this homeless hero.


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