Homeless Man Comes to the Aid of Two Elderly Women Walking in NYC

Homeless Man Comes to the Aid of Two Elderly Women Walking in NYC

Two elderly women were casually walking down Pitkin Ave. in Brooklyn Monday morning, each with a cane. As luck would have it, they were walking under a surveillance camera because what was to happen next was unbelievable.

Out of nowhere, a homeless man ran up to the women and punched the first woman who fell down on the concrete, hitting her head on the building. Then he punched her friend who also fell on the sidewalk.

A witness walking to work saw the whole thing, and by this time the first woman’s head was bleeding badly. But within seconds, a Good Samaritan, another homeless man, took off after the attacker, who was running away. This Good Samaritan wrestled him down and held him there until the police arrived.

The witness said the two women were yelling for help in their native language, and she gave them tissues for the blood. They were confused and did not know what to do, but within a few minutes, the homeless Good Samaritan rushed back to help the women. He then explained to the officers what had happened, and it was all on tape.

“This homeless man went beyond what even an average person would do,” said the witness, and the policeman agreed that there should be more people like him. Thanks to him, the women did not receive any more injuries from the crazed attacker, and they were treated at Brooklyn Hospital and released.

The attacker was arrested when the police arrived because the Good Samaritan had held him down. They arrested him, and since this was such a bizarre attack, he is undergoing psychiatric evaluation. The two women were extremely grateful to their hero for coming to their rescue as quickly as he did. Everyone admitted that he truly was a Good Samaritan.


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