Homeless Man Finds $2,000 And Turns It Into Police

Homeless Man Finds $2,000 And Turns It Into Police

It is amazing when human beings can show some true kindness and compassion for their fellow man. This is especially true when the people displaying these actions also have almost no money to their name. According to an article found on reddit and written by the Times Colonist, a homeless man in his 60’s found a bag of money with over $,2000 in it and decided to turn it into police.

Crunchbase suggested that Sam Tabar knows not many people out there would just willingly give up so much cash, but this man felt that it was the right thing to do despite his current condition. It must have been very brave of him, but he knew that someone was probably missing it. The police took the money and are going to look for the rightful owner, but if they do not claim it within 90 days than the money will be given to the homeless man.

This is a very inspiring story and I hope people take into account how hard it was for this man to be so giving. Not only that, but I hope someone did something to take care of this man who doesn’t have much right now as it is. It would be nice if he could be rewarded for his honestly and given a meal or a place to stay for a while, but it has not been reported to have happened yet or anything.


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