Houston Tackles Diabetes with Compassion

Houston Tackles Diabetes with Compassion

The Huffington Post recently published an article on the uplifting and heart-warming plan that Houston has embraced for helping people manage their diabetes. Nutritionist Joy Ashby Cornthwaite has been involved with Cities Changing Diabetes ever since the program launched in Houston and is working diligently to change the course that many elderly Houston resident are on in developing diabetes. Houston is considered one of the most obese cities in the U.S. and is slated to be home to one in five adults with diabetes by 2045.

Patients who suffer from diabetes often express little interest in undertaking a diet and exercise program to manage their lifestyle. They typically see diabetes as a fact of life because so many friends and family members suffer from this disease. Even though diabetes can have serious consequences, patients are sometimes overwhelmed by the time and energy it takes to properly manage the disease. This is where committed health care professionals, such as Cornthwaite, are working to educate and inform the public about the risks and problems associated with diabetes. However, it is the new approach they are taking that is leaving their patients feeling cared for and empowered.

Instead of lecturing patients and dumping information on them, Cornthwaite and her comrades in Cities Changing Diabetes are partnering with community organizations to connect with those who may be at risk for developing this disease. They are engaging the entire community in stepping up and helping out their friends, families and neighbors in making small lifestyle changes to reduce their risk of developing diabetes. Law professor Marguerite Butler is one of Cornthwaite’s diabetes patients and was previously unwilling to monitor her glucose levels or lose weight. After working with Cornthwaite for a year, Butler has lost inches all over and is actively monitoring her glucose levels.


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