How Betsy DeVos Plans to Work on Public Education.

How Betsy DeVos Plans to Work on Public Education.

Betsy DeVos would very much like people to know that she isn’t going to become a political scapegoat for the, at times, unconventional Trump Administration. Unfortunately, words spoken from a newcomer’s mouth tend to fall on deaf ears and that is why Betsy DeVos is busy establishing herself as one of the most important members of the new administration. Nominated and confirmed by the Senate to become the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos comes to Washington D.C. to take over one of the most prestigious seats in the entire country. Her job will be especially difficult with so many people doubting her ability, but she has shown time and again that she is a bulldog of a politician and not someone to back away from a fight.


When Donald Trump nominated Betsy DeVos to take over the Education Secretary position, there was an almost complete non-reaction from the political world. Who was Betsy DeVos and why did Donald Trump want to bring her into his administration in such a pivotal role? To answer either of those questions, we’ll have to go back to the beginning and examine where Betsy DeVos came from and how she got along to where she is now. The beginning, no matter how you cut it, starts by talking about family.


Betsy DeVos grew up in the western part of Michigan in a town called Holland. Here she would work part-time with her father’s auto company while also tuning into the political climate of the family. Raised to be a reformer, DeVos clung to three aspects of life most stridently: faith, family, and conservative values. Using these concepts as her core guiding posts, DeVos would leap right into the fray by attending Calvin College and focusing on her studies. Here, Betsy became familiar with Milton Friedman’s works and that would guide her to the concept of school choice, a uniquely conservative way of looking at the role of the government as it pertains to education. Taking up this cause and championing it, Betsy DeVos would become known as one of the most vocal school choice activists in the world.


As a noted reformer, Betsy DeVos has managed to make quite an impact on the world of education while in her private life as a citizen. Betsy would help lead the charge to more than 33 publicly funded school choice institutes being opened up. These 33 institutes are spread over 17 different states and they educate almost a quarter of a million students. Friedman first penned his great paper, “The Role of Government in Education”, nearly 50 years ago but now it was finally starting to pick up some steam.


It was simple to see why Donald Trump, a self-proclaimed outsider himself, would turn to someone like DeVos to take over the role of Secretary of Education. DeVos, like President Trump, hade managed to make a mark without any federal position. Now, at the helm of the ship, the duo can work together to enact great change across the nation. Learn more:


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