How Is Majeed Ekbal Going To War With Big Grocery Chains?

How Is Majeed Ekbal Going To War With Big Grocery Chains?

Majeed Ekbal is a Chicago investor who has chosen to take on the biggest grocery chains in Chicago with his new delivery service called Expresso. Companies like Jewel and Dominick’s have their own delivery services for grocery customers, but Majeed believes that his small enterprise is more beneficial to customers. This article explains how Majeed Ekbal has positioned his grocery store to compete with some of the biggest names in the business.

#1: Expresso Is Cost-Effective

Expresso is cost-effective because of their delivery fees. Jewel and Dominick’s charge a service fee based on the size of the order, and these companies only sell groceries fromtheir shelves. Expresso does not have a main store. Majeed purchases most of his groceries from a local grocery store, and his associates will drive to any store in the area to pick up exotic groceries for a flat fee.

#2: Expresso Moves Faster

Majeed Ekbal believes that his service moves faster than the competition, and he has planned his service to deliver groceries at the exact moment that his customers believe they should be. The large grocery chains are delivering groceries at a normal pace, but Expresso delivers groceries as fast as possible to ensure their customers are happy. Expresso was created by Majeed to directly compete with Jewel and Dominick’s, and he is content to serve his customers instead of holding stock in a store.

#3: What Is Majeed’s History?

Majeed Ekbal is a recent business school graduate who has ties to many investors in the city. His ties have helped him finance his new business, and he chooses to keep his costs low. His business education helps him understand how to keep costs low, and his business education taught him how to compete in the modern world. There are many grocery store chains that want to offer delivery services, but each of these companies chases their costs at every turn. Majeed’s business is informed by a modern business education that helps him remain solvent even while competing with companies that have millions of dollars to spend on their services.

Majeed Ekbal has confidently entered the grocery market in Chicago with help from his investors. Chicago is growing by the day, and the city has billions of dollars that are ready to capitalize new businesses. Majeed has used just a small portion of that money to help start his new business, and Expresso is underpricing the largest grocery stores in the area for delivery services. American families simply do not have time to shop for their groceries on their own, and Expresso will deliver any grocery list to the doorstep of a customer for a flat fee. That sort of pricing makes grocery delivery a reality for everyone.


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