How Jose Borghi has Created a Legacy in the Brazilian Advertising Industry

How Jose Borghi has Created a Legacy in the Brazilian Advertising Industry

Jose’s entry into inbound marketing and content creation was accidental. Jose Borghi has established himself as the ultimate leader of the Brazilian Advertising industry. He gained prominence for his success at Borghi Lowe, an ad agency that he founded. Prominent ad campaigns produced by the agency include Sazon, which featured hit song “Is Love”, and Mammals Parmalat whose main characters are kids mimicking animals. These campaigns are still a hit among most Brazilians.

How Borghi got into Advertising

For most of his tentative years, he didn’t have an idea about the career that he wanted to pursue. However, he became intrigued by advertising after watching a performance at Castro Neves Theater. This arose his interest, and has been the force behind his desire to create enchanting advertising campaigns.

Jose studied advertising and marketing at PUC Campinas. His quest to be a top advertiser saw him experience substantial success at Standard Ogilvy, Leo Burnett, DMB DBB, and FCB. The experience that he garnered while working for this firms was pivotal since it helped him pinpoint challenges facing the industry, and the available opportunities. Jose Borghi teamed up with Erh Ray to start Borghi Lowe in 2001.

How Mullen Lowe has Made him a Legend

Borghi Lowe joined forces with American ad agency, Mullen & Partners in 2006 to form Mullen Lowe. After the merger, he was made co-president alongside Andre Gomes. For the past decade, the firm has grown rapidly, and currently has presence throughout North America and South America. Jose has held onto belief that it takes persistence to success. This is why he works round the clock to ensure that the ad agency gains more perfectibility in the industry.

Through Borghi’s influence, Mullen Lowe Brasil has been awarded lucrative contracts by prominent multinationals. The firm has created ads for Fiat, Honda, Delta Airlines, Editora Globo Uniliver, Electrolux, Antarctica, American Online, Proctor & Gamble, Bunge Group, Asia Motors, BankBoston, Alpargatas, Leaf Group, and Coral Paints among others. It has received numerous prestigious awards for its exceptional campaigns. The firm has been awarded at the Cannes Film Festival, the New York Festival, and the London Festival. Besides this, it has been names Brazilian Advertiser of the Year severally.

Looking back, Borghi doesn’t regret the risks that he has had to take in order to establish Mullen Lowe as the top Brazilian ad agency. He is also proud of the success that he has had, which he owes to hard work and resilience. He hopes that his story will inspire upcoming advertisers.



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