How Lawrence Bender Changed Cinema with “Pulp Fiction”

How Lawrence Bender Changed Cinema with “Pulp Fiction”

Many people are familiar with Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece “Pulp Fiction” but few may be familiar with the producer who made the film possible. That producer, Lawrence Bender is responsible for bringing move fans some of the most memorable films of the last three decades.

Lawrence Bender didn’t start out making hit films with big-name directors. In fact, Mr. Bender got his start producing low-budget slasher movies for tiny production companies. However, it was a chance meeting with a then-unknown Quentin Tarantino that changed the path of both of their lives.

The two were at a mutual friend’s barbecue with Mr. Tarantino began to pitch Mr. Bender on the idea of a bank heist gone wrong. Seeing the potential for a great movie, Mr. Bender told Tarantino to go write the screenplay. Two years later, the duo would bring “Reservoir Dogs” to the big screen. It was an instant hit with art-house movie fans.

Two years later, the two decided to swing for the fences. The result was “Pulp Fiction,” widely considered to be one of the greatest films ever made. Released in 1994, “Pulp Fiction” starred John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Samuel Jackson and Bruce Willis. The motion picture, produced by Jersey Films – in conjunction with A band Apart Productions and released by Miramax Films, would end up grossing over $100 million dollars in the domestic box office. And Lawrence Bender would earn the first of three Academy Award nominations for best picture.

“Pulp Fiction” is considered a masterpiece for its original use of dialogue as well as its intertwining stories of drugs, betrayal, and violence. Lawrence Bender was able to produce the film on just an $8 million dollar budget. The result was a high watermark in the Indiewood film movement of the early 1990s.

Today, the Bronx born producer is considered one of the biggest names in Hollywood. With over three decades of experience, Mr. Bender has produced hit films such as “Jackie Brown,” “Kill Bill Volume One,” “Kill Bill Volume Two,” “Good Will Hunting,” and “Silence.” All told, Lawerence Bender has brought over 50 memorable films to movie fans all over the world.


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