How One Girl Received The Gift Of A Lifetime; A Frozen Themed Prosthetic Arm

How One Girl Received The Gift Of A Lifetime; A Frozen Themed Prosthetic Arm

With the help of a few Siena college students a bit of help with technology, one young girl received a life changing new thing to her life that’s going to add an immeasurable amount of happiness to her daily life. Karissa Mitchell is a 9-year-old girl who was born with n right hand. With technology’s help, a prosthetic hand was installed and connected to her right hand, but that’s not even the coolest part.

Receiving a Frozen theme 3D printed prosthetic hand, the device has lights and beautifully captures the essence of the Frozen characters. The E-NABLE grassroots organization provides FREE 3D printed hands and arms for those in need of an upper limb assistive device. It’s a company that has changed the lives of many people and also inspiring and giving some additional joy with their themed ideas.

The arm has been stated to do the simple things that most humans take for granted to do like picking up a ball or grabbing a cup. It’s a great way to get the feeling of having two hands and two arms. Providing just a simple design, this arm will help her doing many different things to help guarantee that her live is lived just slightly easier.

The organization continues to do this for families everywhere. They know that adding just a spice of the person’s favorite character to their new prosthetic arm can make a big difference in many ways. Being in this industry, they know how to change lives and inspire creativity.