How Susan McGalla Shines

How Susan McGalla Shines

There are two common ways that people shine. One of them is authentic, the other is the lazy and phony way. Susan McGalla takes the authentic path. She does her work and tries to stick to the facts and the truth as well. She does not over promote herself and she lets her work shine for her. People that know her closely spread tons of good word about her. She has a good reputation in which she lives up to. A large part of that is that she does not speak as much with her mouth as she does through her actions.

There is the other option of shining which includes a lot of fabricating. Often times, people try to appear greater by putting others down. They also exaggerate certain things about themselves and their lives so that they seem better than they really are. They hype themselves up. To their credit, they are good at marketing. However, Susan McGalla does not try to take that path. It is a lot harder to actually be very good as opposed to sounding very good to others. She also does not put others down. Like others, she herself has been put down before. She has carefully and wisely addressed every attack on her.

She also shines as an example in how she talks to people. She does not try to pander or focus on any plight of the group that the person represents. For instance, she talks to other women as people and potential entrepreneurs. The advice she gives is very practical. She keeps the language simple so that anyone can access the information that she is giving out and can also understand it. When people use pandering, it often sounds like the panderer is talking down on the person as if he or she does not know what stands against them.

Lastly, Susan McGalla did not seek out any special compensations just because of her gender and what her gender has gone through over the history of time. She understands that ultimately, her trials are her own and each individual has their own set of trials. While certain trials are shared within different groups, there are certain trials that are shared among all groups of people. Susan McGalla works towards her improvement in order to help other people overcome their own obstacles. She understands that seeking out some kind of special privilege and entitlement is a huge waste of time.


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