How the Former CEO of CCMP Capital, Stephen Murray, built his Career

How the Former CEO of CCMP Capital, Stephen Murray, built his Career

One of the highly performing professionals that have ever served the finance sector is Stephen Murray. He is recognized for his outstanding work in the private equity investment equity sector. Murray worked as the chief executive officer of the CCMP Capital, but he passed on in 2015 after falling ill. He had resigned one month before his death since his health could not allow him to serve the company appropriately. Murray’s career kicked off by working for the CCMP Capital’s parent company, Chase Capital Partners. The JP Morgan the acquired the firm, and it changed to JPMorgan Partners. CCMP Capital was started under the supervision of Mr. Murray and Jeff Walker. The first CEO of the company was Walker, and in 2007, Stephen took over its leadership.

According to Greg Brenneman who is the chairperson of CCMP Capital, the company’s employees were saddened by the news of Mr. Murray’s death. He was his friend and a partner of the firm. The deceased has a wife and four children who loved. Greg has also been serving as the company’s CEO. Stephen is recognized by the enterprise and its employees for his continuous efforts that assisted it to be recognized as one of the top private investment equity companies. Since he founded the business, he has been assisting it in making various successful investment and many other deals.

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Mr. Stephen Murray’s leadership at the company was successful. The firm raised $3.6 billion during the last five months when he was the CEO. It also listed Greg Brenneman and him as the two key executives are in its fund records at the Securities and Exchange Commission. He was also named as one of the five principals that were on the company’s Form ADV. The employees of the CCMP Capital described him as an individual who was hard working and was always dedicated to ensuring that it penetrated both international and local markets.

Apart from the accomplishments that Stephen Murray CCMP Capital made in the private equity industry, he held top positions in many companies. He sat on the boards of Strongwood Insurance Holdings, LHP Hospital, Infogroup Inc, Crestcom International, Jetro JMDH Holdings, and Ollie’s Bargain Outlet. He gave back to the community by contributing towards the growth of many organizations that are important to it. The institutions include Columbia Business School, Make-A-Wish-Foundation, the Boston College, the Stamford Museum, and the Make-A-Wish-Foundation of the Metro New York.

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