Humans Save Stray Dog Stuck in Tar

Humans Save Stray Dog Stuck in Tar

The New York Post has a heartwarming article on their website about how human intervention recently saved a stray dog from a terrible fate. A man in Yazoo County, Mississippi, was out walking when he saw a stray dog trapped in tar that was leaking from a barrel on farmland. The man quickly called for help, and a team of people from a local animal rescue agency arrived on the scene and were able to extract the animal and take him to safety at a nearby shelter.


The dog was sedated and covered in coconut oil, and he is now well on his way to recovering. He will probably not be able to grow fur again on the areas of his body that were covered in tar, but his overall prognosis is very good.


When the news of the dog’s rescue got out, the shelter received requests from many different people to adopt him, so it seems that he will soon have a good home. In fact, the director of the shelter even asked for people to stop calling and offering to take the dog home! The rescued dog was named “Warrior” by the shelter workers because of his fighting spirit.


Personally, I found this story to be extremely uplifting. I find it heartwarming when humans help animals and vice-versa. Dogs, in particular, are truly “man’s best friend,” and it makes me happy when we reach out to them. I think it’s terrific that this story has a happy ending.



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