Running and maintaining and seeing a business grow is not a walk in the park. It requires great commitment and sacrifice for it to remain relevant. The are many businesses that are set and do not live to see their first anniversary and this form the majority of them. Leaving only a few of the many that have been established to continue.

IC system is one of the leading few companies that have managed to see a generational change over the years. Formed as an agency for collecting debts from patients.

IC systems were established in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson. It has been passed on and now in its third generation from its inception. Base on the principle of honesty in service delivery and maintaining an ethical code in its operations has led to its recognition from its clients over the years. IC system has won in three years consecutively a better business bureau’s torch award for ethics.

IC system has maintained an upward trend in its growth, due to an integration of technology in running of its affairs. It has been the first to incorporate technological advancement in its operations over the years. Incorporation of computers in place of typewrites is one such milestone achievement it ever made thus attesting to the fact that technological advancement is one thing it does place heavy emphasis on.

Running of a business requires being regulated either by the government or some government agencies. An agency f such a big statue as IC systems cannot be in operation without such regulation. Thus it is has received regulatory standards from CFPB, TCPA and 5014(r)

Initiatives of corporate responsibility have to be taken into account. Charity and environmental impact are among the main facts to be taken into considerations. IC system has seen this to be possible by its contribution to the American Red Cross, contribution to special Olympics and toys for toys among others. The environment is the only place that all the business operates in thus its care is essential.

Integrity, treating people with respect and delivery of performance is an essential aspect if a business is to remain relevant and by fostering innovation.



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