Illinois Couple Dies Minutes Of Each Other After 69 Years of Marriage

Illinois Couple Dies Minutes Of Each Other After 69 Years of Marriage

They say that there is a bond that forms between a husband and wife. Those who have been married for many years understand this bond. Many people watched Nicholas Spark’s famous movie The Notebook and felt overwhelmed with emotion. Two people who loved each other so much died in each other’s arms. A Notebook type experience happened in Highland Park, Illinois.


Isaac and Teresa Vatkin passed away on Saturday, April 22, 2017 at 12:10 am. Her doting husband was right beside her. He too passed at 12:50 am. She went from this world to the next holding her husband’s hand. He rested comfortably beside her. When their daughter, Clara Gesklin, separated the two’s fingers, her father stopped breathing. They died connected as they went to eternity.


This story proves that true love does exist. For those who have questioned the meaning of love and long-term relationships, it is proof positive of the spiritual and physical bond a couple shares. There love for each other was so strong that he no longer had the will to live without her. They had a joint funeral, where they were buried beside each other. In life and in death, they held hands to make the journey together.


This is not the only recorded story of such an event. There have been many couples who have braved life’s storms and stayed together for decades of marriage. The longer a couple is together, the more intense the bonds seems to be. As the Vatkins proved, love is everlasting.



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