Imran Haque is a caring and highly treasured Medic who deals explicitly with Internal Medicine hence able to offer exceptional medical services to people. Due to his high training, he has been able to get a License as a medical expert, with high qualifications like M.D obtained in a university known as Virginia and also owning a medical degree from the Universidad Iberoamericana. Imran Haque is based in Asheboro whereby he gains more skills in medicine at Horizon Internal Medicine. Dr.Imran Haque dealt with several patients ailing from different diseases for over 15 years. Due to these high skills, he has been able to obtain he has been able to deal with wide range of conditions and also various medical tests. Imran is well known for his extraordinary dedication and commitment in his services that he offers to the people of Asheboro who makes an effort to visit him at his workplace.

Imran learned and discovered about internal Medicine while working for Private Internal Medicine as a young Doctor. He was able to recognize an opportunity whereby he could offer services which were not provided locally in his community. He was highly encouraged by the information which he got from the patients that he attended. Imran Haque said that to achieve whatever you want you to have to stabilize your finances, be hardworking, be diligent and explore widely by doing thorough research. He added that important thing is being able to interact with other professionals who have already made it. To know about him click here.

Imran Haque said that he was able to make it as an entrepreneur due to his ability to multi-task. He says that for those who wish to succeed to consider other peoples motives. Being careful on how to deal with people you love and live with maintaining respect and not to take advantage of them.

Imran Haque said that relationship among people is very important as an entrepreneur and treating them in a good way the way you can expect to be treated back. Imran says that is always good to do your best in whatever you are confident in.



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