Imran Haque’s Medical Practice in North Carolina

Imran Haque’s Medical Practice in North Carolina

The Horizontal Internal Medicine, located in Asherobo, North Carolina is home to one of the famous internal medicine experts, Dr. Imran Haque. The expert doctor has an experience of over fifteen years. Upon graduating from Universidad Iberoamericana with an honors degree in medicine, Dr. Imran joined the University of Virginia where he specialized in internal medicine. He underwent training from which he acquired a license granting him the freedom to take up medicine as a professional practice.


Operating from his offices at Asherobo in North Carolina, Imran Haque has been of great assistance to many of his patients residing around Ramseur, Asherobo and the wider North Carolina. Well known for his expertise, empathetic and kind nature, Dr. Haque has become a highly respected and sort after specialist. Dr. Imran Haque conducts all his medical services at the Horizontal Internal Medicine facility; this makes it the heart of all his operations as a specialist. It is at the Horizontal Internal Medicine offices where you can be sure to reach Dr. Imran.


Imran Haque works with a very supportive team at the Horizontal Internal Medicine. His staff members are very helpful with patients; they are always ready to assist where possible. They stand out as a team because their services are not in exchange for money but rather in the best interest of their patients’ well-being. Imran Haque is the main caregiver at the institution. He manages resident patients, diagnoses, offers treatment and refers his patients to other medical practitioners. The outstanding qualities of the team at this institution have made it the hospital of choice among its environs.


Under the supervision of Imran Haque, the hospital offers 360 resurfacing which is a step by step procedure that takes over two weeks. Weight management, laser hair removal, and diabetes management are others services offered in the institution. The institution remains the heart of North Carolina in the field of internal medicine.


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