Indiana Man Proves that Disability is not Inability

Indiana Man Proves that Disability is not Inability

An Indiana man who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy, recently shocked the world by making a trip through Europe on the backs of his friends. Kevan Chandler’s trip not only inspires, but also defies expectations. In an interview with the People Magazine, Mr. Chandler states that he wanted to complete the feat to prove to the world that disability is not inability.

Kevan and his friends developed the idea of a unique road trip in 2013. The trip was set in motion when his friends carried him through North Carolina’s sewer system on their backs. After the initial trip, they decided that urban spelunking was not suitable. That is when they decided to take a trip through Europe. Kevan himself had always harbored the ambition of crossing Europe.

Trekking for Good Cause

Before embarking on the trip, the four friends started a GoFundMe page, whose aim was to raise 35,000 dollars. The amount raised exceeded their expectations by far. The trip itself was eventful because Kevan had the opportunity to visit places that were hitherto accessible to him. To inspire others, the four are intending to release a documentary, which will highlight their trip. They similarly plan to publish a book about it.

Kevan asserts that his disability has given him the opportunity to have a broader perspective about life. The thirty-year old man pans to use the funds to benefit those who are disabled. He encourages them to look at life differently, and to stop wallowing in self-pity. Since his story went online, he has received massive support, plaudits and encouragement from all over the world. The amazing feat has also been documented by Fox59 News.