Inventive Programmers Find a New Way to Help Homeless Pets

Inventive Programmers Find a New Way to Help Homeless Pets

Mofox is a well known tech company. But a recent story shows that they’re as much about compassion as they are technology. But the way it works out might prove rather surprising. It involves computer experts, charitable outreach and dogs.

Mobfox has an especially friendly policy for dog owners on their staff. It’s quite common for employees to bring their dogs in with them. And this made their recent charity work quite a bit easier. They simply needed to look at the pets around the office to know how important companion animals can be.

The initial spark of inspiration quickly turned into a solid partnership with a charity called SOS Pets. The next step involved really getting to know the people at SOS Pets. Mobfox employees sat down to discuss what issues were especially pressing for the charity. 55 Mobfox employees signed up for a 12-hour hackathon to help SOS Pets.

The initial first steps were a big success. Obviously 12 hours isn’t enough time to implement huge and widespread change within a company. But it’s more than enough time to set that process in motion. And this is exactly what Mobfox was able to do.

They created a full roadmap for SOS Pets. The plan will expand their technological infrastructure in a variety of different ways. From apps to match homeless pets to owners all the way to internet landing pages.

But one of the most important developments was awareness within SOS Pets and Mobfox. The two groups came together through a shared love of dogs. And they’re eager to continue that partnership well into the future. The end results should help give dogs the wonderful home they deserve.


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