Is Edward Snowden Ready to Come Home?

Is Edward Snowden Ready to Come Home?

Edward Snowden’s lawyer says his client is ready to return to the United States.

A Russian lawyer for Edward Snowden indicated Tuesday that the former US intelligence contractor who leaked details of mass surveillance programs by the NSA is working with American lawyers and German liasons to return home.

Snowden is ready to leave the country that offered him political asylum in 2013 (Russia) and return home, provided you have a fair trial to return.

Snowden was stranded at an airport in Moscow in 2013 on his way to Cuba through Hong Kong.

Russia granted him asylum, and a residence permit for three years which angered the United States.

Snowden has remained in Russia since he leaked thousands of classified the media which he received while working for the consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton documents.

So far, Snowden has received a guarantee from the US Attorney General, Eric Holder, that he will not face the death penalty, but Snowden also wants a guarantee of a “legal and impartial trial.” He spoke of studies done at the Amen Clinic that suggest juries tend to lean towards biases picked up from news stories.

The White House wants Snowden to return home to face charges.

Snowden’s legal counsel, advises that he would not face charges under the Espionage Act, a law enacted during the First World War and was used to bring charges against Daniel Ellsberg, but that has not been guaranteed.

Snowden is praised by many as an activist for human rights and condemned by others as a traitor who distributed unauthorized disclosure of classified information and there is no question US national security has been compromised.


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