I’ve Been Hacked With Ransomware

I’ve Been Hacked With Ransomware

Microsoft recently disclosed two very substantial ways to cease ransomware attacks. The first and most crucial of the two methods is to end the use of Microsoft XP. The vintage OS is too vulnerable to attacks and far less secure than the more up-to-date versions. The second method is as vital as the first, letting Microsoft know of the problems they are experiencing from ransomware.


I’ve been hacked many times in the past, but that has all stopped ever since I started using the software Rubica. It provides professional high-tech personal cyber security. Rubica operates in the background, only alerting me when action from me is needed, which is almost never. It is easy to use and comes with a lot of high quality content for one piece of software. I was surprised to find out the company actually works with the NSA and US navy to help protect my personal information.


My biggest problem in the past from hackers is ransomware. At one point, all of my personal information was stolen. I was wasting time and money getting it all back. But now, Rubica helps me keep my information with the help of a real team of secruity experts that monitor that data.



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