James River Capital Shows The Positivity Created By Effective Leadership

James River Capital Shows The Positivity Created By Effective Leadership

Much is made about the differences in the management style of different business leaders, but for Paul Saunders of James River Capital, the need for simple yet effective leadership is all important. Companies around the world are constantly publishing the results of extensive research designed to tell the story of how best to manage in the 21st-century. The principals at James River Capital have been forging their own path from their headquarters in Richmond, Virginia since 1986 and believe a few simple changes can make all the difference in becoming a true leader.


James River Capital specializes in commodity trading and has become one of the top advisory companies in the U.S. despite the high-pressure sector the company trades in. With more than $570 million in assets managed, James River Capital’s management team understands the need to support the team put together to manage the funds of thousands of investors around the world. A simple change made to the leadership style of Paul Saunders and his team has been the decision not to lead, but to support their employees. The CEO of James River Capital is looking for better ways of bringing the best out of his closely-knit team and believes the change to support over leadership has been key.


The second change made by the team at James River Capital regards the relationship between employer and employee was viewed. Research has shown the majority of employees are unwilling to bring their complaints, ideas, and problems to their employer because of the fear of retribution. Paul Saunders has played a key role in developing open communication lines between all members of staff as he tries to make sure all employees feel their voice will be heard at all times of the working day. Missing out on the ideas of those working each day to build a better company does not seem like the best way of operating a business in the 21st-century. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/company/james-river-capital-corp


Finally, how do we support members of a business team who are not given a fair chance to express their opinion in the workplace? Team meetings are an easy area the management of James River Capital identified as offering an opportunity to bring in ideas from team members who do not often have an opportunity to express themselves. Allowing every member of the team to speak in meetings has brought forward many excellent ideas for the team at James River Capital.


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