Jason Hope is the Best AZ Entrepreneur

Jason Hope is the Best AZ Entrepreneur

_qojxcvxLately, Jason Hope’s name has garnered some attention in the news. This excellent entrepreneur from Arizona is not just an entrepreneur, but he is also a philanthropist, and most recently, his gift to the SENS Foundation put him on mark with some of the world’s best living givers.

You see, Jason Hope pledged half a million dollars to the SENS Foundation, which is quite remarkable. It’s true that the world has not seen enough rejuvenation biotechnology in the world of age-related diseases. Jason Hope wants to help fund that research, and his interest in science is no secret.

Hope believes that the SENS Foundation is the only way to go for new research into age-related illnesses, many of which are seemingly unpreventable. But, with the SENS Foundation working in biotech to change the nature of the game, the older folks (including all of us at some point) will benefit tremendously.

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Jason Hope’s passion for age-related disease is part of his platform and his life. He believes that disease cure, especially based on science and biotech, is one of the most important ills facing our culture. And he is doing his philanthropy in order to save us from this ill. So, he deserves our adulation and highest honors.

Hope also believes in education, and locally he has done a lot to support younger folks who are still in the education system. He has worked with many organizations in Scottsdale, AZ, that encourage thinking both in and out of the classroom, and as an entrepreneur, he believes in hand-on learning, which is making your mark in the workplace possible.

The SENS Foundation focuses on repairing bodily damage that builds up over time, and their research is innovative and life-changing for so many. They focus on biotechnology to make these changes, and their research is focused on many diseases that are in the process of being cured.

Read Jason Hope’s blog for more information.


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