Ascendant Capital’s CEO and Founder: Jeffry Schneider

Ascendant Capital’s CEO and Founder: Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider is the founder of Ascendant Capital LLC. With a broad perspective on sales and operational services, marketing, and an innovative approach to financial structuring, Through investment bankers, private banks, broker-dealers, and family offices, Ascendant Capital distributes its services across the world.

For the past five years, Jeffry Schneider has been instrumental in the growth of Ascendant Capital’s workforce. Under his helm, Ascendant Capital has generated $1 billion worth of capital. Today, Ascendant Capital works with an extensive network of 250 registered investment advisors, 50 broker-dealers, and countless family offices. Even with this incredible success, Jeffry looks forward to a greater future.

Considering the current market status, Jeffry Schneider believes that alternative investments offer an opportunity to diversify holdings while reducing volatility. In the recent years, Ascendant Capital has experienced a tremendous growth and is expected to accelerate in the future.

About Jeffry Schneider

Before establishing Ascendant Capital, Jeffry worked at Paradigm Global Affairs and Axiom Capital Management. He also worked for Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch, and Alex Brown. Jeffry is an active philanthropist with interest in charitable organizations such as Wonders and Worries, God Loves We Deliver, the Gazelle Foundation, and Cherokee Home for Children.

Having participated in marathonc and Ironman competitions, Schneider embarks on eating healthy and staying fit. As a lover of nature, Jeffry Schneider has explored many parts of the world. He has traveled throughout South America, Europe, and Asia.


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