Jessica Lange to Leave American Horror Story After Season Four

Jessica Lange to Leave American Horror Story After Season Four

The celebrated actress, Jessica Lange has been a mainstay of the popular horror anthology series since its first season, but this season, American Horror Story: Freak Show will be her last. Lange made the official annoucemet at Paley Fest, during the American Horror Story panel.

Lange is one of only a few actors that have appeared in every season of the show so far, and has played four different, but equally captivating characters during the course of the show. In the first season, Lange played the mysterious and scene stealing next door neighbor, Constance Langdon to the Harmons, who have just moved into the murder house in attempt to start over. In the second season Lange played Sister Jude, stern warden of the Briarcliff Mental Institution. In the third season, she played Fiona Goode, supreme of a the Coven of witches, and in the fourth season she played Elsa Mars, leader of a struggling freak show in Jupiter Mars. Each of these roles were amazing, and showed off Lange’s talent as an actor.

Fans like Paul Mathieson know that, at the panel on Sunday, Lange thanked Ryan Murphy and the writers for creating such a great show and great characters during her four year run on the show. She did not go into much detail about her reason for leaving the show, and reportedly the announcement came so late because show creator Murphy tried to get her to reconsider her decision and stay on the show.


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  1. Right at the moment that most people would have guessed and of course, it looks like the series will continue. Although making of the rush paper and their own reviews makes it more interesting even because it asks many questions that relate to what fans think. On the other hand, people tend to have a more divided opinion about the show that they reflect so much on what to show.

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