John Goullet Embraces Diversity To Provide Diversant Clients With Innovative Products And Services

John Goullet Embraces Diversity To Provide Diversant Clients With Innovative Products And Services

Diversant is duly certified as a Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE). It ranks as the largest IT staffing firm to be owned by African-American within the United States. The company offers direct hire services, creative diversity solutions and enhancement of IT staff.

The company’s products have been designed using transformative ideas that are aimed at meeting the varying needs of the clients, communities and associates. Instead of acting as a simple commodity supplier, the company helps in solving critical issues of its clients by engaging the clients as true business partners.

Diversant has managed to achieve greater success by following its guiding principle. The company embraces diversity to provide clients with best-in-class services, thus satisfying their utility. The entity’s ability to provide unparalleled services emanates from its team-driven approach that incorporates expertise and experience of the employees.

Integrity is a virtue greatly valued in the company. Diversant follows formal codes of ethics and its core values. These values are respect for other people, ethical behavior, disciplined teamwork and professional development. Through diversity, Diversant has been able to advance its creative thinking capacity, enhance its problem-solving abilities and foster innovation. In addition, diversity has helped the company forge strong ties with the communities besides connecting with different markets. This information was originally reported on Diversant’s website as explained in the following link

John Goullet is a successful entrepreneur. Over the years, he has been developing different successful ventures within the IT sector. Initially, John worked as an IT consultant. However, with the increase in demand for IT services, John switched to IT staffing. With an understanding of the emerging market trends, John established Info Technologies. The company zeroed in on providing various IT solutions to Fortune 500 companies across the nation. In a period of five years, Info Technologies was worth $ 30 million. This new financial status saw the company earn the number 8 spot in the list of the fastest growing private entities in the United States.

Gene and John merged their respective companies, Diversant Inc and Info Technologies, to form Diversant LLC. John serves as the principal of Diversant LLC. In this position, he is able to enhance his passion for developing innovative ways of solving the challenges experienced in the ever-evolving IT market place.

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