Joseph Bismark’s Take on Health and Wellness in Business

Joseph Bismark’s Take on Health and Wellness in Business


Having had a long history working for businesses across the globe, helping to lead QNet, start Qi Limited, and manage Qi Group, Joseph Bismark has earned his place as an authority on topics of business management and the type of persons who excel there, including the attitudes and mindsets that help them along the way. Summarizing his philosophy on business and the opportunities provided to individuals, he’s credited with saying “What may appear an obstacle for many is an opportunity for a leader.”

Joseph Bismark’s journey to spiritual awareness, something he considers vital to business success, came about during a trip to the Philippines. There, between the ages of 9 to 17, his time was spent living in an Ashram (Hindu monastery)where most of his days were filled with hours upon hours of quiet contemplation as he learned and practiced meditative techniques. Now living in Singapore, this business executive continues what seems to be a thoughtful approach to life, promoting a lifestyle that is in agreement with the environment through the Qi Group.

The Qi Group has been steadily involved in encouraging green practices such as energy conservation and recycling, and these are practices the company takes part in as well. Under Bismark’s tenure, their Prana Resort in Koh Samui has converted to utilizing solar power to generate electricity for the premises. The Qi Tower in Malaysia has gone paperless, reducing the waste they produce and their impact on the environment.

And his businesses continue to reflect his personal morals and ethics. Through QNet, he has promoted entrepreneurship and representation for products that promote health and wellness for their clients as well as educational materials. With a combination of a particular corporate culture that encourages collaboration and teamwork and support from independent businesses, the group has experienced healthy growth in recent years. Though many distributors are quick to point out that Bismark’s presence and involvement has also helped to achieve this level of success.

Many attribute this involvement and success in business and relations to the thoughtful nature Joseph Bismark has cultivated through years of experience and practice, and this philosophy was a boon for QNet, its products and most assuredly their customers.

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