Just Like the Movies: Runner Catches Thief, Then Take Him to Coffee

Just Like the Movies: Runner Catches Thief, Then Take Him to Coffee

After running errands on a Wednesday morning, Edmonton citizen Tess Aboughoushe witnessed a man steal another woman’s wallet. That’s when Aboughoushe, an avid runner, sprang into action. She followed the would-be thief into an alley to retrieve the stolen wallet without thinking of any potential risk to herself. However, she wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

As soon as Aboughoushe found the man handing behind a dumpster, he handed the wallet over to her and began crying. Aboughoushe returned the wallet to the rightful owner and then turned her kindness to the mugger, who was remorseful for his actions. She then took him out for a cup of coffee to hear his side of the story.

During the encounter, Tess Aboughoushe learned that the man was visiting Edmonton from Calgary, but his friends had left him stranded without any money or without a way to return home. he had never stolen from someone before. All he wanted was to return home.

Upon hearing this, Aboughoushe encouraged the man to seek help from social workers at one of the local libraries. Aboughoushe later alerted the Edmonton police to the situation.

Canadians have a reputation for being especially nice, but this is a story for the books. According to the woman, “You kill more flies with honey than you do with vinegar,” she said. “I wanted to show him some compassion.” That’s certainly more than his friends did!

Although it’s unknown whether the man made it home safely, we hope that he was able to do so and that he will pass forward the kindness that he was shown to another person.


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