Keith Mann: About A Boy

Keith Mann: About A Boy

Many of you probably already know who Keith Mann is. I’m guessing on that one, I don’t want to make any assumptions. If you really don’t know who he is, allow me to tell you. Keith Mann is an animal rights activist. He has been doing it for a very long time.

To give you an idea of how long ago he started, let’s go back to when he was just a little boy. Growing up in the Greater Manchester Area, he worked on a farm. When he first heard a cow crying, he was found to be troubled. He didn’t know what this meant. The people who were training him spoke of the cows grieving. He was told the cows were crying over being separated from their young.

This hard enough to take as an adult, imagine how it was for this young boy. Cows are often separated from their young, right after they at born. This can cause great pain for both the cow and calf. “It’s just a part of life”, Keith was told.

This left a lasting impression on him. Back in 1972, he saw a rabbit being held up in a pen due to neglect. Keith released it. He soon widened his experience by handing out pamphlets. These pamphlets were all about animal cruelty, cruelty the public had not been made aware of.

There was one time he kept a fish in his tub. He did this for a few weeks, until he could find a good home for them.

Keith has been arrest countless times, all in the name of protecting animals which he talks about in this BBC interview. Keith feels it’s his job to look out for them, especially when no one else will. Would you like to read up on Keith some more? Maybe even buy his new book? You can find it all the details on the Buzzfeed article that inspired this piece. Also be sure to check out his Twitter. Maybe you can save an animal’s life too.


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