Keith Mann Buys Lunch and Shows Supports NYPD Police

Keith Mann Buys Lunch and Shows Supports NYPD Police

Philanthropist Keith Mann bought lunch for the police officers at the 54th Precinct in New York City on two separate occasions recently. Mann, along with his wife, made these gestures to show support during what is an embattled time for police around the nation in the wake of protests against law enforcement that have in some cases become violent. Mann is the founder of Dynamics Search Partners, a company which helps staff hedge funds.

Mann has made comments to the effect that police officers are not always getting the support and respect they deserve today. He points out the the police are people too, with families and dreams of their own, not just faceless entities in uniform. He wants police officers to receive thanks and recognition for the increasingly dangerous work they do. He notes that police officers deal with unpleasant and hazardous situations on a daily basis that civilians rarely have to. He feels that simple gestures like buying lunch or merely voicing support can speak volumes and allow police to understand they do have supporters.

Mann feels his support for police is part of a larger trend, in New York City and other places, where people have started openly voicing support for police and even putting together rallies and public demonstrations. While voicing support for law enforcement is not currently a fashionable point of view, Mann and others believe that there is a silent majority who feel this way. They just aren’t getting a lot of press coverage.

Mann founded Dynamics Search Parters in 2002 after realizing that hedge funds were not getting enough support from the search industry. He is known for his philanthropy for Hope and Heroes as well as other organization and causes. Visit CBS 8 to read the original article about Mann’s generosity.


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