Keith Mann Establishes A Scholarship For Uncommon Charter School Graduating Seniors

Keith Mann Establishes A Scholarship For Uncommon Charter School Graduating Seniors

Children in low income and urban areas face a variety of problems. One of the biggest problems is public education. The lack of money for public schools in some areas where low income and urban children live can cause numerous problems concerning public education. Issues such as lack of books, computers, and teachers are common problems in many public schools across the nation. This lack of resources has a direct and significant impact on the children in these areas.

In recent years, the development of public charter schools has helped to reduce the amount of problems that many low income and urban children face regarding their public schools. Many of these children can go to the public charter schools established in their areas instead of the public schools. In many cases, the level of education provided in the public charter schools equals or surpasses the education provided in public schools where there is not a lack of money to support the public schools.

In the Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey areas, public charter schools are helping thousands of children receive a quality education. Uncommon Charter Schools is an organization that is providing many public charter schools in these areas. Uncommon Charter Schools operates a network of over 40 public charter schools in the New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts area. The schools range for kindergarten to high school.

In addition, Uncommon Charter Schools helps many of the students who graduate from an Uncommon Charter High School attend college through various scholarships provided for the organization. The pursue of a college degree is a dream for many children in Uncommon Charter Schools, and the organization is helping some of the children make their dreams come true.

Keith Mann, a local New York businessman, provided one such scholarship recently. The scholarship is given each year to one graduating high school senior from an Uncommon Charter High School. The scholarship is provided to help with college expenses.

Keith Mann is the CEO of Dynamics Search Partners (DSP), which is an executive search firm. He started the firm in 2009. Keith Mann manages the day-to-day business activities for the firm. In addition, Keith Mann has over 15 years of experience in the executive search industry.