Keith Mann is improving the Education Standards in New York

Keith Mann is improving the Education Standards in New York

Keith Mann has always had a passion for improving the hedge fund institutions in offering the right professionals that match the needs of the organizations involved. Through his Dynamic Search Partners firm that he is the CEO, he has provided the right professionals and talented individuals to various clients. DSP was founded in 2005, and it has spread its services to organizations across United States, Europe, and Asian communities.

The hedge fund and private equity firms need the right and talented people to offer marketing, strategy and other services that are vital to improving the sector as a whole. Dynamic Search Partners has been in the process of searching for executives to various clients and with a ten-year track record, it has made the industry a better place. It is a success in achieved through offering the right top talented professional, and this has made them be in the market and forming the right partnerships with both clients and candidates.

Keith Mann is involved in various charity activities that include among others fundraising to different institutions. It raised over 22,000 dollars for the Uncommon schools so that they can offer quality education to aspiring students who need to graduate. Most students in the charter schools are not financially stable and the funds raised will allow for the testing of the students to graduate from the institutions to college.

Through DSP the relationship has been so far successful, and most students have been offered the chance to get the scholarship and graduate to the next level. The firm has already offered a 10,000 dollars to the institution to ensure that the students get the right testing needs and can pass the test. The funds that were raised are geared towards supporting the student’s PSAT and AP tests for the end year.

The primary role of the Uncommon Schools is to develop and manage urban chartered public schools that have students with financial needs. It, therefore, reduces the chances of the students not graduating to college because of lack of school fees. Uncommon Schools offer great support since it is a network of 42 charter public schools that are spread across New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.


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