Kendrick Lamar’s ‘DAMN” Album Wins a Historical Pulitzer Award

Kendrick Lamar’s ‘DAMN” Album Wins a Historical Pulitzer Award

It is quite evident that Kendrick Lamar is not only one of the best rappers to ever come out of Compton but also the greatest Hip-hop ambassador the world has ever witnessed. The American rapper’s 4th album titled ‘DAMN’ was awarded the 2018 Pulitzer Prize that recognized him as the best American music composer and contributor in online literature and journals. A good example is 2004 where Georgia Regents University’s Professor Adam Diehl applied Kendrick Lamar’s album in teaching his English classes on literature and film.




Unlike the previous Pulitzer awards that have been won by musical albums based on either “Classical’ or Jazz” foundation, DAMN makes a historical winning as the only Hip Hop based album. As an art, Kendrick also becomes the first rapper to take the prize hence showing the world that rap is a meaningful art that if taken seriously could lead to greater achievement.




According to the Pulitzer board that selected the DAMN album, they termed the album to be “virtuosic” in nature. This is through the perfectly crafted song collections that express masterpiece in genuine dialect selection/usage and containing a variety of rhythm that is collectively fabricated to create graphical scenarios that depict the contemporary black-American life.




A master of the “Story Telling “art in his music, Kendrick Lamar explained that if you play the DAMN album song s in reverse, the songs create a new theme with minimal changes in the narrative. This is true artistry as it expresses his uniqueness and mastery of his art creating both entertainment feel, informative role, and inspiring creativity among the hip-hop community, especially among the African-American society.




During his interview with MTV’s Gaby Wilson, the platinum-selling and also Grammy nominated artist stated that he appreciates the fact that his fans are willing and are keen on focusing on all the details he applies in his rap music and videos. He says that his loyal fan base is his inspiration making him look forward and stay focused on producing better and unique rap music content.




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