Kenneth Goodgame Faces a Difficult Road Ahead

Kenneth Goodgame Faces a Difficult Road Ahead

Kenneth Goodgame is a marketing expert and a highly influential figure in operations management. Currently, Goodgame is the senior vice president and also the chief merchandising officer at True value Corporation Hardware LLC. He has specialized in creating smart business strategies, innovative marketing, streamlined financial oversight of an enterprise and merchandising.

Ken graduated from the University of Tennessee and holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing. Following his graduation, he started pursuing his career and joined Hardlines D28 Product Merchant where he served from 1995 to 1991. During his stay in the company, he managed all the pricing, purchasing, and assortment design as well as the general management. He also led all merchandising and identified and secured contracts for the organization.

In 1991 he joined Proprietary Brands where he served until 2001. During his stay in the company, Kenneth strategized and executed a couple of successful projects that helped raise business to a new level. One of his project in the company included generation the first nation-wide deal between the organization and John Deere which involved manufacturing and selling mowers.

In 2002 Ken joined Senior Global Merchant Product where he initiated and executed a deal that dealt with Toro branded snow equipment. The project help increases the company’s sales profit to $ 55 million. He managed various projects including designing and implementing functional rebates for power equipment.

In every organization, Kenneth Goodgame leaves behind a legacy to be admired by many leaders. He has served other companies including Rubbermaid Cleaning and also Bernzomatic where he served and the president and the general manager of the enterprise. 2010 to 2013 Ken acted as the general merchandising officer of Ace Hardware Corporation where he managed global purchasing and active inventory as the head of the department.

He left Ace Hardware Corporation in 2013 and moved to True Value Corporation Hardware where he was appointed to serve as the SVP and CMO of the company. His principal objective is to deliver a balance of employee engagement, quality assurance systems, critical performance and corporate alignment as well as the profitability of the enterprise.

Ken has gained incredible and extensive experience in the marketing fields. His capability to navigate the markets and ability to escape costly mistakes is what gives him credibility in his career. Since he joined the company, Ken has executed a couple of projects that has helped increase business profitability.

In November 2013, the company published a strategy to restructure and redesign its supply chain including global distribution network and logistics. The move was meant to improve the company’s sales and increase profitability. The changes also aimed at maintaining and also attracting new retails operators. Ken has continued thriving in his endeavors to promoting growth and productivity enhancements.


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