Kitten Who Had Eyes Removed and Was Near Death Gets A Second Chance At Life

Kitten Who Had Eyes Removed and Was Near Death Gets A Second Chance At Life

A little kitten who has endured trying medical challenges is now happily living with two loving parents.

The kitten, lovingly named Braille, was found last month abandoned in Philadelphia. The rescuer dropped him off at the Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia. The weeks-old kitten had a severe upper respiratory infection that caused one of its eyes to be crusted shut, and the other to bulge from the socket. She was also severely malnourished and flea-ridden.

Two kind souls, Sara Konnecke and of ACCT Philadelphia and her girlfriend Erin Signor desired to take the cat in and give it the care it so desperately needed.

“It was painful and difficult for her to eat and breathe,” said Signor in an interview, “and she was permanently shaky the first three or four days of care.”

At first, Signor was emotionally distraught over the kitten’s condition, and doubted that he would pull through. But Sara assured her that the cat could be saved.

Braille had to have bilateral enucleation surgery, or the surgical removal of both eyes, as her right eye ruptured after a very strong sneeze. She also had dead tissue around her eye sockets removed.

Braille is now making big gains in her recovery, thanks to the attentive care of her new owners.

Braille will be fully recovered and eligible for adoption within a few months, but the couple has no intentions of letting her go. “We fully intend on never letting her go,” they said. “She’s ours—for sure!”