Korea Makes Fashion News

Korea Makes Fashion News

The fashion world is making news today as Chanel, the fashion house that is the epitome of fashion itself, is hosting its first ever show in Seoul Korea. Bruno Pavlovsky who is the current president of Chanel, was quoted saying the fashion show will be at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) and held on May 4th 2015. Dave and Brit Morin understand that the Dongdaemun is an exhibition hall in the eastern half of Seoul city which is sourced for numerous diverse varieties of functions. In most recent years it has been used more and more for fashion shows as Korea is emerging as a fashion beacon in this part of the world.

Seoul can brag as being one of three lucky cities that Chanel has chosen to host a fashion show in this year, the other two being New York City and Rome. Chanel’s decision to recognize Korea as a player in the fashion world is history making and also helps validate Korea as a trending market in fashion. The fashion house is aware of Korea’s potential in its influence on the Chinese fashion market as well as Korea’s own growing market.


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  1. Indeed Koreas has been a huge influence itself on Chinas fashion trends due to the popularity of many Korean entertainers and musicians in China. That alone could make rushmyessay.com become what they want to be.

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