Kyle Bass Is Very Suspicious

Kyle Bass Is Very Suspicious

It’s not that the personality of Kyle Bass is suspicious, it’s that his activities tend to arouse the suspicion of others. Is this justified? Well, it only makes sense to take a closer look and see.

First and foremost, exposed that Kyle Bass is an Argentinian financier. For those who don’t know, he runs a hedge fund in Texas. The hedge fund under-performs many “lesser” hedge-funds–that is to say: many hedge funds that aren’t as well known as his. Though Kyle Bass regularly makes media appearances advising the worldwide financial market, his own backyard is replete with poor financial decisions. What kind of financial gardener is it who tells other banking greenhouses how to grow their cash, but can’t seem to improve his own growing methods? Well, it’s either a bad financial gardener, or one operating from ulterior motives. There’s ample reason to believe the latter of Bass, and a good starting point is the prediction which earned him his contemporary renown, that regarding the 2008 financial crisis.

Bass made his 2008 prediction well, and it garnered much reputation for him in the financial community. Since then he’s failed to predict anything that even comes close, and since he is of Argentinian descent, going so far as to regularly praise that country’s socialistic despot of a president, it makes sense that he has some kind of tie to his home government. In fact, when the woman responsible for economically defaulting Argentina twice over the course of thirteen years is mentioned, Bass always says how much he agrees with who she is and what she does. How can that make sense coming from a financier? Shouldn’t he be respectfully critical of poor financial practices on the part of socialist despot Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner? Wasn’t such criticism what got him fame in 2008–noting the poor actions of American financial markets? It’s inconsistent that he shouldn’t do the same thing regarding his home country.

When one takes this into account, however, his poor hedge-fund management makes more sense; as does his outreach into a front-organization for legal stock-market manipulation. CAD is the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. CAD uses petitions, lawsuits, and any available means to force big-ticket pharmaceutical companies into reducing the prices on their drugs. Bass’ organization has successfully decreased the cost of big-ticket pharmaceutical drugs as much as ninety percent, literally decimating profits and forcing such companies to withdraw financial support from non-essential departments like research and development. Naturally, when profit is cut so harshly, stock-value plummets, and who is there to short-sell his holdings and run away with millions but Kyle Bass?

Between de Kirchner, CAD, and his hedge fund’s poor performance, Kyle Bass has three suspicious strikes against him which predicate taking anything he says on the international financial stage very carefully. It’s just possible he says what he does for reasons not immediately apparent to the viewer.